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Smartex Locksmith is proud to offer a wide variety of affordable locksmith services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients in North York and Toronto. With our skilled team of expert locksmiths, we ensure that all your lock issues are addressed promptly and professionally. From emergency locksmith services to lock repair, we can help.

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Automotive Locksmith

Cars and other vehicles have increasingly sophisticated lock systems, and getting locked out or facing issues with automotive locks can be a real challenge. At Smartex Locksmith, our automotive locksmith services cater to a wide range of vehicles. Whether it’s a jammed lock, lost keys, or the need for a lock change, our licensed technicians are equipped with specialized tools to address the situation with minimal damage.

It’s a situation nobody wants to find themselves in, but if you do, Smartex Locksmith offers emergency lockout assistance to get you back on the road in no time. Our mobile services ensure a locksmith professional reaches your location promptly.

With a wide range of locksmith tools at our disposal, we provide key cutting locksmith services for various automotive locks. Whether it’s for a car, motorcycle, or truck, our team ensures precision and quality in every cut.

Ensuring the security of your home is paramount. With the rise in security threats, it’s vital to have reliable residential locksmith services that offer peace of mind. Our emergency locksmith services are readily available.

Doors and windows are the primary access points to any residence. Smartex Locksmith offers lock installation service for a variety of locks, from high-security locks to garage locks and cabinet locks. Our professional locksmith services ensure that your home is fortified against unwanted access.

Over time, locks can wear out, or you may face a jammed lock situation. Our house locksmiths are trained in lock repairs of all popular lock brands. Whether it’s a window, door, or garage lock, our locksmith solutions cover them all.

There are times when you might not need a complete lock replacement. Instead, you can re-key old locks. Our lock rekey service allows you to keep your existing hardware while updating the key systems, ensuring that only authorized individuals have access.

Businesses require specialized security systems to protect assets, data, and personnel. Smartex Locksmith’s commercial locksmith services address these unique requirements with precision and expertise.

Modern businesses often rely on advanced access control systems. These systems regulate who can enter specific areas, ensuring that sensitive information and valuable assets are well-protected. Our locksmith professionals can install, repair, and update these systems as per your business needs.

Commercial spaces often use high-security locks that are tough locks designed to withstand tampering and unauthorized access. We offer a wide range of these locks and key systems tailored to the specific needs of businesses.

Larger commercial spaces, like factories, have unique locksmith requirements. From specialized doors to complex security systems, our team of experts provides solutions for factories that ensure maximum security.

Locksmith Service Areas

Ensuring the proper lubrication of locks, regular check-ups, and timely repairs are some of the ways we provide quality locksmith service to our commercial clients. With affordable prices and a promise of excellence, Smartex Locksmith stands out as the go-to locksmith company in North York and the GTA.

Our locksmith will answer your call ASAP. Our locksmiths are equipped with the best tools and parts and are available 24/7 at your request. 

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We Provide The Best Residential, AND Commercial Locksmith Services

Lock Installation

A proper lock installation is crucial for the security of any property. Whether it's a new property or an upgrade, Smartex Locksmith offers services that cater to a broad spectrum of needs.

Variety of Locks: From residential to commercial properties, we offer a wide range of lock installation options. Whether it’s cabinet locks, high-security locks, or automotive locks, our locksmith solutions cover them all.

Expertise: Our licensed locksmiths have years of experience and are equipped with specialized tools, ensuring that every lock installation is precise and secure.

Affordable Services: Quality doesn’t always come at a high price. At Smartex Locksmith, we pride ourselves on offering professional locksmith services at competitive prices, ensuring everyone in North York has access to top-notch security solutions.

Lock Repair

Locks, like all mechanical devices, are susceptible to wear and tear. Over time, they can become less reliable and may even fail, potentially compromising security. At Smartex Locksmith, we're dedicated to offering efficient lock repair services.

Diagnosis and Repair: Our skilled team of expert locksmiths will first diagnose the problem, be it a jammed lock, a faulty mechanism, or wear from time. Using their specialized tools, they will carry out the necessary lock repairs to restore its functionality.

Mobile Locksmith Services: If you’re unable to come to us, we come to you. Our mobile services ensure that a locksmith professional is dispatched to your location, be it your home, office, or roadside, to address the lock issues promptly.

Maintenance: Regular maintenance, including proper lubrication and checks, can prolong the life of locks. Our team can provide tips and services to keep your locks in top condition.

Safe Locksmith

Safes are vital for both residential and commercial establishments, safeguarding valuable items and confidential documents. At Smartex Locksmith, we understand the significance of a properly functioning safe.

Safe Opening: Forgotten combinations or faulty mechanisms can render a safe inaccessible. Our expert safe locksmiths are trained in non-destructive methods of opening safes, ensuring your valuables remain undamaged.

Safe Repair and Maintenance: Over time, safes can wear out and require maintenance or repairs. Whether it’s a mechanical issue or the need for a component replacement, our team provides reliable locksmith services to ensure your safe is operational.

Installation: Choosing and installing the right safe can be daunting. Our knowledgeable team can guide you through the variety of locks and types of safes available, ensuring you make an informed decision based on your needs.

High Security Locks Locksmith

In today's world, the demand for advanced security solutions has never been higher. High-security locks offer an extra layer of protection against break-ins and unauthorized access.

Installation and Upgrades: Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current security system or install a new high-security lock, Smartex Locksmith is here to assist. We provide a lock installation service for the most advanced and tough locks in the market.

Maintenance: These advanced systems require regular check-ups to ensure they function optimally. Our skilled team offers routine maintenance, ensuring proper lubrication and functionality.

Emergency Services: Facing issues with your high-security locks? Our emergency locksmith service ensures a locksmith professional reaches your office or home promptly to address the situation.

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